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If you are looking for a place to find the things you need that money cannot buy. If you do not have a peaceful, safe, stress-free environment, & long & search for one that will bring you, joy, peace, tranquillity, stability, & rest. Turtle Creek is your answer. I have suffered from mental upheaval & stress for years & could not find an environment where I could heal. After 14 months at Turtle Creek I have been freed from the war zones of life. Turtle Creek saved my life!

-Wanda Thompson

I have looked all over this town for a place & found my self realizing how nice Turtle Creek was after I left it. I recommend anyone to live here over anywhere else in town.


As a resident of Turtle Creek Apartments of Connersville for just over 4 years, I can honestly say it is a great place to live. From inside the buildings to outside landscaping, everything is well taken care of. I love the amenities, the layout, closet space and the storage. Also, the staff is full of wonderful and caring people. If you ever have something that needs to be taken care of they are on top of it and get it done right. I find that Turtle Creek Apartments of Connersville is such a warm and wonderful place to live and I am so glad I chose this place as my home."


I have never lived somewhere that when I came home I could know I felt safe. This is the first place I have ever lived that I feel that way.


"I have been a resident for almost two years at Turtle Creek Apartments of Connersville. Going home to a place where the staff has heart has made all the difference for all of us. In short, it has an amazing effect on the residents. For any activities the staff puts together, residents make an effort to show because of what they have done for all of us. We all appreciate you treating us so well and being so understanding. A world of thanks to the staff and all the hard work and love they dedicate to us!"


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